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Common Topics Discussed at Social Entrepreneurship Events

Social entrepreneurship events bring together social entrepreneurs for different activities, among them discussions about challenges in their various fields. They also look for solutions to such challenges and give lessons on how to build better enterprises.

They are resourceful, and every social entrepreneur should make an effort to attend them often. There are many popular topics discussed at such events.

Types of Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is a broad subject, and there are different types of social entrepreneurs. At social entrepreneurship events, organisers often begin with an introduction of the various types of entrepreneurs.

These include non-profit entrepreneurs, transformative entrepreneurs, and global social entrepreneurs. This topic aims to enable the participants to learn more about social entrepreneurship and where their businesses or organisations fall.

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable leadership entails managers and CEOs being able to lead companies or businesses by incorporating long-term sustainable goals in their environment.

This topic will help attendees to develop the best business strategies to propel their enterprises to profitability and sustainability. In most cases, speakers are drawn from top companies and organisations that support social entrepreneurship.

Attributes of Successful Social Enterprises

On this topic, participants can learn from successful managers or CEOs about how to grow their social enterprises to optimum levels. For a social enterprise, success means profit alongside benefit to the specific cause (environmental or community-wise).

One of the key points within this topic is to learn how to read data from similar enterprises and how to apply it to one’s venture.