Where to Read More on Social Entrepreneurship Support

The role of social enterprises in society is a vital one. This site exists to help social entrepreneurs learn about how they can get different kinds of support. On top of what is discussed here, the following resources can be of great help to social enterprises seeking support.


Surprising, yes, but Twitter is a very useful resource for social entrepreneurs. This is the social website where most people who can offer relevant support are found. A simple ‘social enterprise support’ search on Twitter might be the only barrier between your social enterprise and success.

Event Publications

Most bodies that have social entrepreneurship events also produce publications to help people with further learning. Bodies like ChangeNow and the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) have publications that are even digitally available, and some are free.


This is another powerful learning tool of modern times. YouTube has numerous expert channels that guide social entrepreneurs on how and where they can get various kinds of support. Like Twitter, a simple search will reveal the best learning resource for you, depending on the nature of your venture.