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How to Unwind When Attending Social Entrepreneurship Events

Social entrepreneurship support events are important for all entrepreneurs looking to create successful and sustainable projects. They are great forums from which entrepreneurs can earn useful knowledge and, equally importantly, get motivation by sharing experiences with other entrepreneurs.

Moreover, these are rare opportunities for the often extremely busy entrepreneurs to unwind. On the side-lines of these events, attendees can engage in relaxing activities like:

Light exercises

The body usually packs some sort of tension when one is in very formal settings. Doing light exercises like jogging, swimming, or light lifting (if the resident hotel has a gym) has immense benefits for the body. It helps with relaxation and recharges the body, especially when conferences are running for several days

Sampling Nightlife and Casino

Yes, social entrepreneurs should shake a leg too. It is the least they can do for the sacrifices they make. Letting your hair down and enjoying the host city’s nightlife never hurt anyone. For those who may not be in a position to go out, staying in and enjoying casino offers in online casinos is a great alternative.

Such casinos have a lot of exciting table games and slot games with the added thrill of a chance to win money.


One way to create a memory of a place is to take a little piece of it when you leave. After a day of interactive discussions, get around town and grab a few shopping items that depict it. I know this is not great advice for ladies, but anything for fun, right?

Shopping does not have to include expensive items, though. Simple items like bracelets and carvings can be great souvenirs.

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How to Support Social Entrepreneurs

It is important to be understanding and supportive of the social entrepreneurs around you. Even if you do not understand their passion, remember that they play a huge role in making the world more liveable. Also, your response to them always has an effect.

It is, therefore, nice to take it as a responsibility to have a positive effect on any social entrepreneur you meet. Your support, no matter how seemingly remote, always goes a long way. Here are a few ways you can support social entrepreneurs near you.

Speak Encouragement

Social entrepreneurship is a difficult job. Social entrepreneurs are vested both personally and professionally in their daily work. With a constant decrease in emotional support the world over, these people need regular motivation to keep up their good work.

You do not require any knowledge about a Social Enterprise business to remind them that they are loved, valued, and are trying their best. Such words can help them forge ahead with the business even at their lowest point.

Ask Questions

Social entrepreneurs are passionate people. Their work is what captivates their minds every day. Allowing them to share their dreams makes them feel supported and relevant. Make sure you ask them about their organisation, their progress, or any social problem they might be tackling. This will help them to keep moving.

Do Not Ask About the Money

Most social entrepreneur organisations have no profits, especially in their early stages. You may not understand why one would quit a high paying job to help people. You should understand that social entrepreneurs are not in business only for the money.

They desire to bring a positive change. It is also important to know that growing a new business to maturity requires one to take risks and sacrifice. Therefore, do not make money the axis of your conversations about their work.

Give Donations

It is important to help social entrepreneurs in their fundraising campaigns. Giving donations enables them to learn about your support in their course. Any amount of money you donate will create a difference whenever you can support them financially.

Life of Entrepreneur

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Scheduled Events that Support Social Enterprises

Social enterprises are among the biggest drivers of social change in the world today. This is why they are popping up in most local communities globally. These organisations come up with solutions to cultural, social, and environmental challenges.

The world over, there are regular conventions that bring together social entrepreneurs to share and exchange ideas. Here are some of the best upcoming events for entrepreneurs.

GSG Impact Summit

The Global Steering Group hosts the annual GSG Impact Summit. Venues are announced several months before the event dates that take place from the 6th to the 8th of October. Last year’s event, initially scheduled for South Africa, took place online after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic.

However, the annual GSG summit will be hosted online from the 6th to the 8th of October 2021.

Different speakers from government, IT, business, economics, finance, academia, among others, will grace the event. The main themes are mobilising capital for impact, emerging economies, green and social solutions, and transparency.

Attendees can expect keynote speeches, comprehensive discussions, and solutions to identified problems.

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF)

SEWF is among the most influential social enterprise events, attracting thousands of innovators and investors globally. The event has moved to a new location since 2008. Last year, it was hosted virtually because of the Coronavirus containment measures.

This year’s hybrid event will be held in Brisbane, where people can participate virtually or in person. Four themes were highlighted; the SEWF 2021 (28th -29th September), Rural Forum (27th -28th October), Academic Forum (16th -17th November), and Policy Forum held earlier from (27th -28th April 2021).

Ashoka Changemaker Summit (ACMS)

The summit takes place in Turin every December. However, online discussion forums and networking begin from September before the main summit. ACMS is among the largest online events for both system-changing entrepreneurs and social go-getters globally.

The social event connects a huge community of leaders and world-leading social investors from business, government, private sector, and philanthropy.

This year’s summit focuses on promoting changes in different areas like climate, technology, children, youth, women, and diversity. The sessions will encourage learning and building trust.

ChangeNow Summit

ChangeNow is renowned as an event that provides for discovering, testing, and discussing solutions to pertinent global problems. This year’s event was held virtually from the 27th to the 29th of May.

Attendees can always expect to interact with like-minded people while engaging in meaningful conversations. Organisers also invite people who have pioneered excellent changes in their societies. With more than 1000 solutions provided, 500 speakers, and more than 250 hours of exclusive content, this is an event worth attending!

If you are a social entrepreneur, the above effect holds great potential to open your mind and to help you grow. Some of them are virtual, hence very easy and convenient to attend.

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Common Topics Discussed at Social Entrepreneurship Events

Social entrepreneurship events bring together social entrepreneurs for different activities, among them discussions about challenges in their various fields. They also look for solutions to such challenges and give lessons on how to build better enterprises.

They are resourceful, and every social entrepreneur should make an effort to attend them often. There are many popular topics discussed at such events.

Types of Social Entrepreneurs

Social entrepreneurship is a broad subject, and there are different types of social entrepreneurs. At social entrepreneurship events, organisers often begin with an introduction of the various types of entrepreneurs.

These include non-profit entrepreneurs, transformative entrepreneurs, and global social entrepreneurs. This topic aims to enable the participants to learn more about social entrepreneurship and where their businesses or organisations fall.

Sustainable Leadership

Sustainable leadership entails managers and CEOs being able to lead companies or businesses by incorporating long-term sustainable goals in their environment.

This topic will help attendees to develop the best business strategies to propel their enterprises to profitability and sustainability. In most cases, speakers are drawn from top companies and organisations that support social entrepreneurship.

Attributes of Successful Social Enterprises

On this topic, participants can learn from successful managers or CEOs about how to grow their social enterprises to optimum levels. For a social enterprise, success means profit alongside benefit to the specific cause (environmental or community-wise).

One of the key points within this topic is to learn how to read data from similar enterprises and how to apply it to one’s venture.

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Understanding Social Entrepreneurship- What it is, How it Works

Social entrepreneurship is the process applied by individuals, enterprises, groups, and organisations to create solutions to social, environmental, and cultural problems. Profit-making enterprises come up with strategies that improve social impact in society—for instance, building schools or health centres in rural areas.


Creativity entails setting the goal and analysing the current problem-solving skills needed. Social entrepreneurs must create a vision and ways of accomplishing it.

Secondly, entrepreneurs need to remain focused and realistic on the vision. Therefore, they should not quit until society benefits from the project. The social impact evaluates if the project will remain sustainable after the sponsors are gone.

Ethical fibre remains important because leaders hoping to change the world need to be trustworthy. A good leader aims at solving the problem rather than making a profit.


Drilling and construction of freshwater wells in remote and drought-stricken regions is a classic example of social entrepreneurship. In this case, the entrepreneur or organisation identifies vulnerable communities and embarks on the project.

A modern example is providing computers and Internet connections to ensure that young people can access information and learning resources.


Any individual, business, organisation, or governmental authority can participate in social entrepreneurship. This is done by creating solutions to community-specific problems.

You can learn more about social entrepreneurship by attending virtual forums such as ChangeNow and the GSG Impact Summit.